Tuesday 12 September 2006 7:30 PM

In 2005, a dozen greedy gluttons made their Downsize Me debut. They came from all walks of life with one thing in common - an appalling appetite for fat and sugar - and the bodies to prove it.

Each was in desperate need of a Downsize and so diet expert, Damian Kristof, and straight-talking personal trainer, Lee-Anne Wann, were summoned to the rescue. And in only eight weeks these couch potatoes transformed into lean mean machines, not only achieving phenomenal weight loss results, but the key to lifelong good health. But one year on and where are they now?

Don't miss this enlightening episode as we track the participants down and find out who's kept the kilos at bay, who's fallen headfirst off the wagon, who never got on at all, who gets a second chance mini-Downsize challenge, and learn the secrets of success to some of the most amazing transformations you're ever likely to see!

First up is 40 year stressed out company director, David Eades, who only 12 months ago was well on his way to a heart attack. Guzzling down over 4 kilos of fat a week, his gut was getting bigger by the minute. It was up to diet demon Damian to dish out some home truths, and Lee-Anne to get the whip out and in only 8 weeks David lost an incredible 13 kilos and lowered his cholesterol to within the safe range. But has he spent the last year beefing up his biceps or bingeing his way back to that big belly?

Little did the Downsize Me duo know that 19 year old David Rogers-Kirker would be their toughest test of all. Having squandered the 8 week opportunity by sneaking in high fat snacks and barrel-loads of beer, this rebellious teen promised he'd mend his wayward ways. But after the last year spent binge-drinking and smoking up a storm, how will he cope when confronted by Damian and Lee-Anne? And will this teenager change his spots or blow it yet again on a second chance mini-Downsize mission?

143kg Brenda Hancock lost over 13kgs in 8 weeks undergoing a massive transformation on the show and things were certainly looking up for this 32 year-old solo mum. However after finishing, Brenda's kilos crept back on. So what went wrong for Brenda and why did her incredible achievement not last?

Dairy addicted mother and son duo, Wayne and Judy, had the most atrocious diet to date, polishing off over 13 litres of milk a week and any fatty food they could find. Amazingly after 8 weeks of healthy eating and exercise 16 year old Wayne and his Mum lost an incredible 43 kilos between them, but leaving them both way over the 100 kilo mark they still had a long way to go. Since we saw them last this pair are barely recognizable having dropped a third of their total body weight and having never faltered from the plan. Find out the secrets to their success and what surprises are in store from our Downsize Me duo.

Don't miss this Downsize Me recap show as we reveal more stories, surprises, commiserations, celebrations and transformations that will leave you speechless!

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